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Update, February 27, 2024:  Festival programs are now available for purchase at the Morden Branch of South Central Regional Library and at Morden Pharmasave, at a cost of $5.00 each.  

For a digital copy of the Festival program, please send a $4.00 etransfer to  Please include your email address in the "Memo/Comment" section, and a digital copy will be emailed to you.

***Program sales assist in covering operating costs for the Festival, so that we can keep entry fees low for everyone.

Festival programs will be available for purchase by the beginning of March, and are $5.00 each.  Programs will be sold at Morden Pharmasave and the Morden Branch of South Central Regional Library, as well as at all Festival sessions.  


*New* Provincial Syllabus
Effective November, 2023, the Morden Festival of the Arts will be using the AMAF Provincial Syllabus 2023 Edition.  The previous syllabus is no longer valid.


Click button to view/download/print the new Syllabus 





**New** Effective 2024 Festival

You can now choose to enter all classes either competitively or non-competitively at our local Festival (with the exception of the Multi-Age/Multi-Level classes, which are always non-competitive and exclusive to the Morden Festival of the Arts.)  Both competitive and non-competitive entries in Provincial Classes are eligible for Provincial Recommendation by the Adjudicator. (Class number preceded by the letter "P" in the Provincial Syllabus).  Please use the checkbox on the entry form if you are entering non-competitive. Since these entries do not receive marks, they will not be eligible for Morden Festival of the Arts awards.  See Syllabus for complete Provincial Recommendation Eligibility.


AMAF Provincial Syllabus, 2023 Edition, Provincial Music and Arts Festival Regulations, Page iii - 1c 

"To be considered eligible, competitors in all solo classes must perform in two or more solo classes at the same grade/level/age group in the same discipline at the local festival. The recommendation must come from a Provincial Festival eligible class. All individuals and groups entering the local festival are eligible for recommendation to the Provincial Festival, whether competitive or non-competitive"


Effective 2023 Festival

If you would prefer to perform in a Multi-Age/Multi-Level Class for adjudication only (no marks will be given/not eligible for awards or Provincial recommendation), please choose one of the following classes:

Strings:  MS1000 Strings Multi-Age                    Piano:  MK1000 Piano Multi-Age

Vocal:  MV1000 Vocal Multi-Age                         Speech Arts:  MSA1000 Speech Arts Multi-Age

The Morden Festival of the Arts is a volunteer-based, registered charity which provides a venue for student performance and adjudication in Band, Strings, Piano, Vocal/Choral, French and English Speech Arts/Theatre Arts.

The Festival runs during the months of March and April each year.  The Highlights Concert is the finale of the Festival and showcases performances which have been recommended by the adjudicator of each discipline.

Registration for the Festival takes place in late January.  Piano, Strings and Vocal registrations are generally done through the students' private music teachers.  Registration forms are available on this website.  There is a small fee for each entry to help cover the cost of adjudicator fees, as well as other expenses incurred during the running of the Festival.

Announcements regarding Festival dates, locations and registration deadlines will appear in the local school newsletters, as well as in local newspapers and on this website.

A major goal of the Morden Festival of the Arts is to encourage high levels of participation.  As part of this encouragement, we try to keep our entry fees as low as possible.

Morden Festival of the Arts

Box 493

Morden, Manitoba

R6M 1A5

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